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My First Giveaway, 200 Followers and Shopaholic Confessions

Weekly Tidbits:

Another busy week, I announced on Wednesday my first giveaway, the chocolate bar eye shadow palette from Too Faced. If you haven't entered yet can enter here. The contest is running until May 8th and yes, it is an international giveaway. 

I made it to 200 followers this week on  bloglovin! I've discovered so many wonderful blogs, made some new friends and made a few self discovery's. I hope in the future as my blog grows, that I make some more friends and continue this incredible journey. I love helping and inspiring people, thank you to all of my readers amazing readers!

I am a self admitted shopaholic. I used to be really bad for shopping or spending money as a way to deal with negative feelings, and I guess I still do to an extent. I'm sure you've had one of those days where nothing seems to go right and it was such a gloomy rainy day sooooooooo
I divulged into some retail therapy. I treated myself to some Sephora online shopping and I went to the mall. My shopping has never caused any problems in my life, i'm not in debt or anything because of it but I do need to find a more healthy way to deal with my emotions.  But, these are the outfits I came back with:
 I love this crop top tee and it has my name on it!
This pic doesn't even do this skirt justice, it is so gorgeous. This is my new favorite top. The pic is actually of the back of the shirt the front is just plain, but I love the gold metal studs and the v cut.
I've been wanting some elastic bottom pants for awhile now, I love the print on these and the teal top to go with it.
This dress is actually a brighter neon orange, I don't know why it didn't show up in the pic. But I can't wait to wear this high-low dress!
And lastly, I was out of my signature scent Ralph by Ralph Lauren so I had to get some more. I'm really big on perfumes and it seems like this has always been my go to scent.

Let me know what you think of my buys :)
I hope everyone has a fabulous week and as always thanks for reading!



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