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Etiquette for Adults

Having manners is a lost art. As children most of us were taught manners but somehow they were forgot somewhere before adulthood. Our society has an epidemic of poorly mannered adults. 
Case in point, last week I was carrying Jameson and holding Jackson's hand as I was walking into the insurance company to pay my bill. Before I could get to the door a gentleman went in before I did and slammed the door in my face. So I had to sit Jameson down on the ground, open the door myself, pick Jameson back up and go in. The whole time, the man was watching me struggle. I don't expect people to constantly open doors for me but if you see someone struggling to get around, it would be considerate to wait an open the door. Maybe we should all be handed a book of manner's upon reaching adulthood. First rules being Hold the doors open for others and don't stare.

Here are some other basic rules of etiquette we all should practice.

Put your phone down while in the presence of company. In today's modern world, everyone over the age of 13 has a smartphone. Sure it is easy to ignore a kid sitting around constantly texting or tweeting but an adult, this is unacceptable. I have had friends and family over before and the whole time, they couldn't put their phone down. It makes me wonder, if whatever you are doing is more important than my company, you shouldn't have came. If you are one of these people, turn your phone on silent or stay at home. No one wants to watch you text during a dinner party.

Don't forget the magic words. When I was a child, i'll never forget the time my great-grandmother gave me a tin can full of used Kleenex. To her defense, she was 94. I remember accepting the box and saying thank you. When my grandfather and I left he said "You did the right thing, no matter what someone gives you always say thank you. Whether you like it or not". Always say Please and Thank You. And parents, please start teaching your children the magic words. Thank you.

Don't cut line. Don't jump in line is something grade school kids know but adults have somehow forgotten. There is nothing more rude than to get in front of someone. No one is in that big of a hurry.

Don't borrow sugar from your neighbors. I have this neighbor who started borrowing small things from me like eggs, cinnamon and coffee. Which I didn't mind loaning her, she's a single mom with 2 kids to raise alone so I sympathized with her. Then it progressed to garbage bags, light bulbs,my vacuum cleaner,my clothes and money(no, no, no, no). And it wasn't just an occasional thing it was 2 to 3 times a day. I don't mind loaning things or giving things to others. After all, it's good to help out your fellow man kind but don't let people take advantage of your kindness. And if you are the one borrowing, stop. You just look like a bum.


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