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5 Bags Every Woman Should Own

All of us have a little crazy bag lady somewhere inside of us. At one point I was carrying 3 different types of bags everyday! But since I've got older, and my children are a little older(i no longer have to carry a diaper bag) I only carry one bag. A big part of being a fashion consultant is to break down every woman's wardrobe into what is called the essentials or what we need. This is my list of the 5 essential handbags that every woman should own.
The Everyday Bag:
This is a bag that you will carry everyday. It should be large enough to carry all of the things you need .It should be a neutral color or a classic color like navy, white or black that will go with anything. Since you will be using it all of the time, it should also be made of great quality. Michael Kors and Tory Burch have a great selection of everyday bags.

The clutch:
the clutch is one of the smallest bags made so you will only be able to carry your necessities in this bag. Always make sure when you purchase a clutch that it was pockets in the side to hold your drivers license and Visa because you won't be able to fit your wallet in most of these bags.

Investment piece:
This is a bag that is timeless and will only increase in value as it gets older. Don't buy trendy bags or bags with crazy prints because they will not be worth as much as a classic black or other solid colors.  Do your research on the top brands before you splurge. Also check out some online auction sites like eBay, sometimes designer bags sell for at 3 times the original amount that was paid for them. Make sure the is bag authentic before you buy it, if you buy a fake bag it is worthless. 

The Classic Quilted Bag:
Of course it doesn't have to be Chanel, but doesn't every woman deserve a classic Chanel quilted bag? It doesn't have to be black, it can be a fun red, pink, white or whatever you like. You would carry this bag on date nights, meetings or other special occasions. It doesn't have to be a specific style either, it can be a clutch, satchel, or shoulder bag. 

The On Trend Bag:
This is an inexpensive bag that you would buy because it is trendy or popular at the moment. You don't necessarily have to have just one, if your like me you will end up with dozens. Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and HM have great selections for on trend bags every season. Backpacks, cross-body bags, neon colors, bright floral prints, and cutouts are huge this season.


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