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Perfect Imperfections

Fall in love with yourself and your imperfections.

Make a list of 3 of your flaws, things you don't like about yourself. You can literally write it on a piece of paper or make a note in your head. 
Mine are, my big ears, my big forehead and my heighth. When I was a kid, other children at school used to make fun of my big ears calling me dumbo etc. I always wear big earings to try to hide my huge ears. Almost everyone in my family has big ears, its definatly a family flaw that I have inerited.
I used to always try to have some sort of bangs to try to cover up my forehead, and when I took selfies I used to try to cut out the top of my forehead becaucause it is so large. 
Lastly, my heighth. I'm only 5'4. When I was 16, a talent scount for a modeling agency aproached me and gave me her card. I was so flattered and excited to start modeling. They signed me but I never got any jobs because of my height. So ever since then I have been super self conscouse about being short. I adore wearing heels, not only are they beautiful but they add some much needed heighth. 

Notice my massivly huge forehead and ears?

Now, I want you to make a list of 3 things you love about yourself.
Mine are my teeth, eyes, and skin. I am going to brag on myself a little, i'm 26 years old and I have never had any dental problems. No cavitys, nothing. My teeth are perfectly straight and white(of course I whiten them often). I love to smile and laugh a lot and show off my pearly whites.
I am so in love with my eyes. I have almond, kinda slanted eyes because of my mediteranian background. They are brown, and sometimes in the sun they look red, its crazy. And I have really really long eyelashes.
Lastly I love my skin. This probably sounds kinda odd but I have a honey/golden skintone so I stay tan year round. My skin is smooth all over. I don't have problems with acne or brown spots. I've had 2 kids and I don't have any stetch marks or cellulite.

But the point of this is that i've come to terms with all of my flaws and have gotten over my insecurities. Look at your lists, doesn't the things that you love about yourself  override the things you don't like about yourself? Maybe I have a big forehead because i'm smarter than everyone and I can hear better than other people(j/k!). 
Embrace your imperfections. Sometimes, ecspecially when we are younger, we take things that we feel bad about ourself on our outside appearance and turn those feelings of negativity init into a bad flaw on the inside. 
Don't we all love feeling good about ourself on the outside. When you look good, you gain confidence and self esteem, making our inner beauty glow. Ignore your flaws, after all most of the things we feel like is wrong with our appearance, most people never notice. I mean, Beyonce has a big forehead and ears, but is anyone really looking at her ears?
Fall in love with yourself. Loving yourself can totally change your outlook on life. Stop comparing yourself to others, no one is perfect, we all have our insecurities. Embrace your flaws, do good things in life and be a good person. At the end of your life, that is what people will remember you by, not your imperfections.


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